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We connect entrepreneurs and executives with the premier non-food franchise opportunities.

Our level of industry relationships, experience, expertise, and success is unmatched.

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FranBridge Consulting Advantages

Established Connections

We are affiliated with the largest brokerage group in the US, partnering with all major development groups and over 600 fast growing brands.

Proven Process

Our process has been proven for thousands of clients. Over 90% of our clients select an opportunity in an industry that was never even on their radar!

Unmatched Perspective

We have experience as both an Inc. 500 franchisor and as a multi-brand franchisee, enabling us to provide unparalleled guidance.

Pre-Launch Coaching

We are the only consulting group in the US that funds coaching calls for our clients as they prepare to launch. The coaching is led by the CEO of Gray Fox Strategic.

Premier Partnerships

We have specialized funding, legal, and coaching partners who specialize in franchising so our clients can be confident they are working with the best.

Unparalleled Access

As a top 1% broker, our clients have access to many exclusive opportunities, often unavailable to the broader market.

Our services are 100% Fee-Free.

Everything we do is provided at no cost to you. At FBC, we are compensated by our brand partners and no cost will ever be passed to our clients in any form.

How we help you find the perfect franchise opportunity.

Step 1

We build a framework.

We learn about your background, interests, investment level, financial targets, market nuances, and more.
Step 1
Step 2

We identify opportunities.

Using the framework we develop together as well as the top opportunities we see resonating with those of similar backgrounds, we then work with the franchisors on market availability. Once the assortment of opportunities has made it through these filters, we then present them to you to narrow down further.

Step 2
Step 3

We introduce you to your top choices.

The franchisors will then walk you through items such as their brand overview, marketing and support systems, unit economics, franchise disclosure document, and territory definition.

Step 3
Step 4

We connect you with existing owners.

We call this step “validation” because it’s your chance to speak with existing owners of the franchise brands you selected. You can hear about their experiences with no filter.

Step 4
Step 5

You experience a Discovery Day.

You will be invited to spend 1-2 days with the franchisor and their full support team on-site to ensure that this opportunity – and this partnership – is right for you.

Step 5
Step 6

You are given the invitation to become an owner.

Within a week or two of Discovery Day, assuming all goes well, you will be extended the opportunity to join the franchise system.

Step 6

We partner with you throughout the process to determine the perfect opportunity.

Think of us as a guide, sounding board, advocate and resource. In addition, we can connect you with our expert partners to ensure your road to ownership is a smooth one and you are set up for maximum success.

Investing in a franchise is a smart business move.

You receive proven playbooks in areas such as marketing and operations

You have a ‘coach’ on the sidelines in the franchisor - you’re not in this alone

You align with other franchisees, sharing best practices, learnings, and referrals

While not entirely de-risked, having both franchisee validation and the Item 19 of the franchisor’s FDD provides you with incredible visibility and insight into the potential of the business

Your exit value increases: The Rinker School of Business put forward a study of over 2,000 business transactions over 10 years and found that, on average, franchises achieve a 1.5X multiple on exits over non-franchises in like-kind industries

You enjoy a much higher success rate: 92% of franchises are still operating after 5 years – compared to less than 50% of independent business startups

Our partners are the best of the best.


Nathan Bocock, CEO of Gray Fox Strategic
Nathan provides FBC clients with one-on-one, FBC-funded coaching calls prior to their business launches. Nathan owns a portfolio of service-based franchise businesses, including several purchased through FBC. Nathan is the largest owner of Two Men and A Truck Moving Franchise, operating in 10 markets, and he has perfected the art of finding great General Managers and setting them up for success. This is a key area in which he coaches FBC clients.

SBA and Retirement Funding

Shirley Kefgen, Director of FranFund ​
Shirley helps FBC clients understand the best funding options for their particular situation. She works with multiple lending institutions, delivering the strongest SBA options for those looking to leverage. Shirley also has a team that is set up to support FBC clients in self-directing their 401ks and IRAs through the ROBS program.​

Portfolio and Alternative Funding

Walt Hammond, Principal at Cedar Valley Capital ​
Walt is a securities-based lending expert and helps FBC clients evaluate, structure, and execute an array of funding and financing options including the highly valuable portfolio loan product. ​

Legal and Agreement Reviews

Houston Barnes, President of Barnes Law Firm ​
Houston supports FBC clients in better understanding their franchise agreements and evaluating whether amendments need to be drafted to either clarify or adjust provisions to their agreements after a thorough review.​

Recruiting & HR Services

Teresa Murphey, President of Hire Ventures
Teresa and her team partner with FBC clients to source, screen, and vet candidates for key roles in their businesses. This includes positions such as the day to day 'Operating Manager' in a semi-absentee/executive model. In addition, Teresa's team can provide a full slate of ongoing HR support options for FBC clients' new businesses.

We have made an impact on thousands of entrepreneurs just like you. A few recent examples.

What Industry Leaders are saying about Franbridge Consulting.

Many would-be entrepreneurs are unsure where to start. Jon helps them connect the dots and sets them up for success. Best in the business.
I have coached Jon and he has a great background and understanding of franchising! Everybody else is a distant second.
I enjoy working with Jon because he is the consummate professional! He has very high standards in working with clients and genuinely cares about matching his clients with the businesses that are the best fit and that give them the greatest chance for success.
It has truly been a pleasure working with Jon. I get overly excited every time he brings a new franchisee into our network because I know they will be a great match for our brand. He is an educator, a learner, and an incredible leader!

The FranBridge Consulting Story.

FranBridge is led by its Founder, Jon Ostenson, a top 1% Franchise Consultant in the US, and frequent contributor on franchising across a variety of outlets and publications. Jon is a multi-brand franchisee himself, and along with his business partners, he has great operators leading these ventures. As a result, he is able to commit over 90% of his time to helping others achieve their own dreams of freedom and wealth generation through business ownership.

Prior to FranBridge, Jon was the President of ShelfGenie, a national franchise system with 200 locations. Before he had his start in franchising with ShelfGenie, Jon spent 15 years in the corporate world, most recently as the Vice President of Sales for Carter’s Inc., responsible for over $350M in annual sales. Jon began his career as a Consultant with Accenture, often working Internationally on behalf of clients. Jon serves on the Board of the Entrepreneurs Organization and is active in supporting charitable organizations such as Growing Leaders and Hope International. Jon has BBA and MBA degrees from the University of Georgia and lives in Atlanta where he and his wife, Jenny, have 3 children and are very active in the community.

The road to franchise ownership starts here.

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