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The Latest Insights and Expertise in the World of Non-Food Franchising.

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Franchise Connect: Franchising as an Asset Class

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Franchise Connect - Why Boring Businesses are Attracting So Many

Franchise Connect: Why Boring Businesses are Attracting So Many

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Forbes: Criteria For Investing In Franchises An Often Overlooked Asset

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Franchise Journal: The Franchise Landscape

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Franchise Journal_FranchisingAsAnInvestmentOpportunity_Ostenson_June 2020

The Franchise Journal: Franchising as an Alternative Investment

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Franchise Journal_Why(JustBoughtAFourthServicesFranchise_Ostenson_October 2020

The Franchise Journal: Why I just bought a Fourth Services Franchise

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Franchise Journal_AngelInvestorsAndFranchising_Ostenson_January 2020

The Franchise Journal: Angel Investors and Franchising

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Building Success Through Franchising with The Nation’s #1 Franchise Broker, Jon Ostensen

Dave M. Lukas
The Misfit Entrepreneur
December 6, 2023

A Franchising Expert's Guide with Jon Ostenson | Overcoming Fear and Choosing the Right Path

Josh York
Fuel Your Drive Podcast
December 5, 2023

Heidi Bach-Harod, Jon Ostenson, Manoel Amorim, Shawn Kaplan

David Meltzer
Office Hours
November 2, 2023

Why 'Non-Food' Franchise Opportunities are Resonating with So Many. Eps 135

Georger Roberts
The Foundery
October 30, 2023

The Untapped Potential of Franchise Investing | Jon Ostenson

Caleb Guilliams
Better Wealth Podcast
October 28, 2023

S3E52 - Jon Ostenson - How to earn between $150K and $250K with a non-food franchise

Sean Tepper
Payback Time
October 3, 2023

Episode 92 - Endless Opportunities - Harnessing the Power of Non-Food Franchising

Mo Bina
Purpose-Driven Wealth
August 22, 2023

#47 Building More Income Streams with Non-Food Franchises with Jon Ostenson

Garrett Gatton & Seth Ciminillo
December 7, 2023

Diversify Your Portfolio with Franchise Opportunities with Jon Ostenson, FranBridge Consulting

A.J. Lawrence
Beyond 8 Figures
August 30, 2023

Non-Food Franchising Is At An All Time High With Franchise Expert Jon Ostenson | Ep #96

Shannon Russell
Second Act Success Career Podcast
August 1, 2023

Why Non-Food Franchises are the Perfect Portfolio Building Strategy with Jon Ostenson

John Lee Dumas
Entrepreneurs on Fire
July 26, 2023

Should You Consider a Franchise as a Part of Your Retirement Plan?

Muris Tariq & Radon Stancil
Secure Your Retirement
July 24, 2023

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Criteria For Investing In Franchises: An Often Overlooked Asset


The Franchise Landscape


Great Opportunities in Non-Food Franchising with Jon Ostenson


Why Non-Food Franchise Opportunities Are Resonating With So Many Entrepreneurs Today with Jon Ostenson

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