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The Latest Insights and Expertise in the World of Non-Food Franchising.

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Franchise Connect: Franchising as an Asset Class

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Franchise Connect - Why Boring Businesses are Attracting So Many

Franchise Connect: Why Boring Businesses are Attracting So Many

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Forbes: Criteria For Investing In Franchises An Often Overlooked Asset

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Franchise Journal: The Franchise Landscape

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Franchise Journal_FranchisingAsAnInvestmentOpportunity_Ostenson_June 2020

The Franchise Journal: Franchising as an Alternative Investment

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Franchise Journal_Why(JustBoughtAFourthServicesFranchise_Ostenson_October 2020

The Franchise Journal: Why I just bought a Fourth Services Franchise

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Franchise Journal_AngelInvestorsAndFranchising_Ostenson_January 2020

The Franchise Journal: Angel Investors and Franchising

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Featured Podcasts

193. How Franchising Can Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Jon Ostenson

Mike Cavaggioni
Average Joe Finances
May 28, 2023

How to Improve your Franchise to Attract Multi-Unit and Investor Owners

Dave Hansen
The Advisory Board Podcast
May 15, 2023

How To Buy A Franchise And The Best Boring Businesses To Own | Jon Ostenson

Matt Aitchison
Millionaire Mindcast
May 22, 2023

Interview with Jon Ostenson, CEO of FranBridge Consulting

Mike Saunders
Business Innovators Radio
May 12, 2023

Interview with Jon Ostenson, CEO of FranBridge Consulting

Mike Saunders
Influential Entrepreneurs
May 12, 2023

Jon Ostenson: Navigating the Landscape of Non-Food Franchising

Martin Piskoric
21st Century Entrepreneurship
May 5, 2023

Episode 195: How Jon Helps Business Owners Create Semi Passive Income through Non-Food Franchising

Ryan Reger
Streams of Income
May 6, 2023

Jon Ostenson - Top 10 Franchise Businesses

Mark Savant
After Hours Entrepreneur
May 1, 2023

Non-Food Franchising, with Jon Ostenson

Bruce Wehner & Rachel Marshall
The Money Advantage Podcast
April 10, 2023

Why Franchising is So Popular With Entrepreneur with Jon Ostenson

Stephen Halasnik
The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast
April 5, 2023

RG 345 - How Franchises Rack In Millions a Year With Less Effort – w/ Jon Ostenson

Reed Goosens
Investing In The U.S.
March 22, 2023

Jon Ostenson - How to Start a Franchise Business

Mark Savant
After Hours Entrepreneur
March 6, 2023

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Criteria For Investing In Franchises: An Often Overlooked Asset


The Franchise Landscape


Great Opportunities in Non-Food Franchising with Jon Ostenson


Why Non-Food Franchise Opportunities Are Resonating With So Many Entrepreneurs Today with Jon Ostenson

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